One or two piece folding boxes — covers and bases — are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. These are available in quantities as few as 50 and can be imprinted or hot stamped with your logo or personalized information.

Custom multi-color printing is also available on larger quantities of box designs, or we can have a package custom designed and manufactured to meet your product needs and specifications. Please contact our office for minimums and custom quotes.


Rigid construction set up boxes are available as a stock item with low minimums and can be hot stamped with your logo or personalized information. These are available in limited sizes and colors.

Custom-made, tight-wrapped, set-up boxes are available in larger quantities and may be custom printed with a wide variety of paper wraps, in plain or printed stock. Please contact our office for minimums and custom quotes.


Clear, vinyl, two piece boxes — cover and bases — are available in several stock sizes and are made of clear vinyl, accented with a metallic gold foil border. Custom-sized vinyl boxes can be made in clear, frosted white, or black, and may be hot stamped with your logo and borders. Minimums of 500 to 1000 apply, depending on the size of the box.

Clear vinyl covers are also available to fit several of the industry’s popular size paperboard bases. This packaging option allows the customer to see your entire product presentation. These covers may also be hot stamped.

Please contact our office for minimums and custom quotes for custom-sized boxes and covers.

vinyl vinyl1 vinyl2

We have hundreds of cavity configurations of thermoformed candy trays to meet your specific application needs. Many of these molds are available in standard case packs of 500, in either chocolate brown or gold, as stock items. Others can be made to your material specifications in chocolate, white, clear, gold, or silver. We can even match a PMS color for your custom tray order. Minimums apply.

We can also design candy and bakery trays to your custom specifications and cavity configurations. Our design team will walk you through the process. Please contact our office for minimums, tooling charges, and custom quotes.


Baking and glassine candy cups are available in many sizes, in white and chocolate brown, and in quantities as few as 1000. Other sizes and shapes are available, as well as other colors and patterns. All cups are FDA approved for direct food contact. Please contact our office for specific sizes, shapes, and available colors.


Three-ply candy pads are available in a number of stock sizes, in either white or gold foil. Additionally, chocolate brown, silver, and floral-n-gold patterned pads are available on custom orders. Please contact our office for material availability, minimums, and custom quotes.


Hard Bottom Poly Bags

Hard bottom bags are available in 5 stock sizes. These bags are heat sealable and hot stampable.  They come with a silver board in the bottom and are ideal for molded chocolate figures and bulk packing.  These bags are made of 1.5 mil polypropylene plastic film.

hardBotPolyBags1 hardBotPolyBags2 hardBotPolyBags

Clear Soft Bottom Cello Bags

Clear soft bottom cello bags are available with or without a gusset and in a number of stock sizes. These bags are heat sealable and are made of 1.7 mil cellophane plastic film.

clearSoftBotCello clearSoftBotCello1 clearSoftBotCello2

Foil Accented Poly Bags

Foil accented poly bags are available in several sizes and many designs for everyday use as well as holiday specific patterns.  These bags are 2.5 mil laminated polypropylene, twice the thickness of others on the market.

foilAccPolyBags foilAccPolyBags1 foilAccPolyBags2

Frosted and Paper Shoppers

Frosted and paper shoppers  are available in several sizes and a wide variety of colors.  They can be hot stamped and are available in quantities as few as 50. The frosted shoppers are 4 mil thick, 33% heavier than others on the market, and have a flexi-loop handle and cardboard bottom for extra strength and rigidity.  The paper shoppers come with twisted paper handles and are made of 65 lb kraft.

paper1 paper frosted1 shoppers

Tin-Tie Bags

Tin–tie bags are available in several popular sizes, ½ lb, 1 lb, and 1 ½ lb, with or without windows.  These bags come with a poly liner and may be hot stamped. The material is 50# natural kraft and white bags are 50# stainless claycoat.  Other colors and sizes are available in larger quantities.

tintie1 tinTie tintie

Ribbons, bows, stretch loops, and twist ties are available in various sizes and colors.  Ribbon may be hot stamped and personalized.  These products are available in small quantities and as stock items.  Custom ribbons and bows are also available with larger minimums.  Please contact our office to learn more.